FAQS About VW Salvage

VW Salvage Yard

Why buy used parts?
We sell OEM parts, designed at built at the factory. Anyone will tell you: there are no better parts than the original equipment your car came with.

Can I drop by and "pick-a-part"?
Walk-In customers are an important part of our business. However, we are not a self-service yard. You can go with one of our employees to check out the items you need, then pay for the parts and we’ll remove them for you.

Can I call to see if you have a part?
Please call us and we can check the parts you need.

Can I sell you my wrecked Volkswagen?
We buy 95% of our cars from insurance companies, but we are always looking for salvage vehicles that have good quality parts on them. If you have a recently wrecked VW, give us a call.

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Since 1966 we've been Southern California's

VW salvage

center; from Los Angeles to


Riverside County

to Orange County and beyond serving
owners and VW repair shops.